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Bathroom Flood Risks: Facility Prep and Proper Materials

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For any bathroom space, and particularly larger commercial bathrooms, being prepared in case of backups, water damage or even floods is important. While these events are rare and can be prevented through proper bathroom setup and plumbing services, being prepared in case they happen is vital for protecting not only the bathroom itself, but also surrounding areas of your building.

At Restroom Stalls and All, we’re happy to offer not only a wide range of toilet partitions and bathroom stall dividers, but also numerous other restroom accessories. We’ve assisted a wide range of clients with setup and protection of their entire bathroom space, from arranging stalls to using the right materials that resist corrosion. When it comes to preventing floods and related water damage, plus to avoiding mold and similar concerns if such issues do take place, there are several important areas to look at – this two-part blog series will go over each of them.

Facility Prep and Readiness

As we noted above, even if the chances of a flood or similar water disaster on the property are very low, it’s better to be safe than sorry. You should take several preventive measures ahead of time to keep not only the bathroom but the entire building safe and uncompromised, even if things happen to go wrong.

This involves regular walk-throughs of your facility, plus standard maintenance from staff. In addition, here are a few facility areas we recommend keeping a particular eye on if you’re concerned about flood risks:

  • Ensure your plumbing system’s sump pump has backup power available in case of an outage.
  • Have on-site backups available for computers and other electronics that could be damaged by water, plus elevate these items.
  • Improve drainage to and from the bathroom.
  • Inspect check valves regularly.

Bathroom Partitions

Another factor that’s very important for prevention of mold and related water damage themes if leaking or flooding does take place: The right materials. Specifically, you want bathroom materials that are non-porous and resist corrosion that may be caused by water damage.

And at Restroom Stalls and All, we have numerous great options here. Consider our powder-coated metal partitions, which are galvanized metal pieces that naturally resist stains, corrosion and more. These partitions are highly affordable and very durable, lasting years even despite significant wear-and-tear. We also offer options like stainless steel, plastic and even phenolic bathroom partitions, all of which are materials that will hold up well and not be exposed to further damage in cases where any leaking or flooding takes place.

For more on how to protect your bathroom area from flood and related mold risks, or to learn about any of our toilet stall partitions or other bathroom accessories, speak to the staff at Restroom Stalls and All today. 

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