Bathroom Stall Dimensions: Height, Pilaster and Partition

Bathroom Stall Dimensions: Height, Pilaster and Partition

Posted by Restroom Stalls & All on Mar 24th 2021

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basics on standard size dimensions for bathroom stalls and other parts of commercial bathrooms. There are certain areas where legal requirements are at play here, such as for ADA handicap stalls, but also others where standards aren’t legally required, but often maintained anyway for the sake of customer comfort and privacy.

At Restroom Stalls and All, we’re proud to offer numerous products and services for those upgrading or setting up a commercial bathroom, from toilet partitions to numerous other restroom accessories, plus assistance with installation. Here are some other factors to keep in mind when it comes to the dimensions of your bathroom, both in terms of stalls themselves and their various partitions.

Height in Standard Stalls

If you go back through part one of our series here, you may notice something: Outside a brief description of standard height for many bathroom stall doors, we really didn’t get too deep into this area. This is because, in most bathroom setups and within ADA requirements for handicap stalls, areas like door width and stall depth are much more important – but height should still be considered.

This is one area where you have a bit more versatility at your disposal. There are a variety of different restroom stall door heights, all of which leave some space open at the bottom. This space may vary significantly, though, and could depend on everything from privacy needs of your clients to the style you’re hoping to achieve.

Pilaster Sizes

Pilasters refer to the supports that are used to mount toilet partitions, and their dimensions are important too. They’re usually 82 inches in height, plus then will be attached to a support beam on either the floor or ceiling.

Stall walls, then, will be mounted 12 or more inches off the floor. There are a bunch of different mounting options here depending on your floor clearance, ceiling clearance and other factors.

Partition Materials

While considering dimensions of any area of your new restroom setup, the type of material being used is also important. There are numerous options here from our team at Restroom Stalls and All: We offer powder-coated steel partitions, plastic or solid plastic options, phenolic themes and even stainless steel bathroom stalls for those looking for the highest quality available. Which you choose will depend on several factors, from budget to overall dimensions required – our team will be happy to help you make the right selection given your needs.

For more on how to choose the proper dimensions for both toilet stalls and other parts of a restroom setup, or to learn about any of our bathroom partitions or other bathroom accessories, speak to the staff at Restroom Stalls and All today.