Cleaning Stainless Steel Bathroom Stalls: Frequency, Tough Stains

Cleaning Stainless Steel Bathroom Stalls: Frequency, Tough Stains

Posted by Restroom Stalls and All on May 24th 2021

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basics on cleaning and maintaining stainless steel bathroom stalls. One of the most popular materials for bathroom stalls and partitions today, stainless steel gets this designation in part because it’s so simple and easy to maintain – but there are still a few basic themes you should be keeping in mind for cleaning and upkeep if you’ve recently installed stainless steel bathroom stalls in any commercial bathroom.

At Restroom Stalls and All, stainless steel bathroom stalls are just one of our many bathroom stall and partition materials available, and we’re also happy to offer expertise on general cleaning and maintenance for any of the bathroom materials or accessories we provide to clients. While part one of our series discussed the benefits of stainless steel and some simple cleaning tips, today will go over how often you should clean, some tips on tougher cleaning needs, and a quick word on certain cleaners to avoid when dealing with stainless steel.

General Cleaning Frequency

How often should cleaning be carried out on stainless steel bathroom stalls and related materials? There’s no set answer here, as yours will depend on the use frequency of your bathroom and other similar factors, but generally speaking we recommend cleaning stainless steel stalls at least once per week.

Now, if your stalls have high traffic on a regular basis, this should be done even more often, perhaps as frequently as once a day. Not only do clean bathroom stalls prevent bacteria and other contaminants from building or spreading, they also impress visitors and cause them to view your entire building more positively.

Grease and Mineral Deposits

While we went over a basic cleaning method for simple needs in part one, what if you’re dealing with grease, built-up mineral deposits or other related deep clean issues? For these, we generally recommend an abrasive cleaner like Ajax, which is good for mineral deposits; for grease stains, a solvent like kerosene or something similar, added to your water and detergent combo for a basic clean, will generally do the trick.

Cleaners to Avoid

One important note when cleaning stainless steel bathroom materials: There are a few cleaner and chemical types to avoid, as they might be harmful to these surfaces. These include acidic cleaners, bleach cleaners and various alkali cleaners – while they may indeed clean up the stains you’re dealing with, they also risk corroding or etching the stainless teel itself, or causing some other direct form of damage. Rather, stick to the solutions we’ve mentioned to this point.

For more on cleaning and maintaining stainless steel bathroom stalls, or to learn about any of our toilet partitions, bathroom stalls or any other materials we offer, speak to the staff at Restroom Stalls and All today.