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Restroom Maintenance Tips

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The modern business in America is a well oiled machine if managed properly. That means that every part needs to be functioning for the business to be working properly, from employee work quality and conduct, to PR and marketing image, to the state of your company bathroom. Have you ever gone into a public restroom that was so disgusting that you never came back? Don't be that business, keep your best foot forward with a well maintained restroom facility. Here at Restroom Stalls and All, we provide restroom stall dividers and other restroom accessories to keep your company bathroom pristine and functional. Here, we would also like to offer some restroom maintenance tips.


A squeegee should be your best friend, especially on larger commercial bathrooms with a lot of area to cover. This tool will allow you to clean hundreds of feet of bathroom partitions in no time at all. For commercial bathrooms with showers, squeegees are great for quick, easy maintenance to prevent mildew from growing.


Have you ever had to clean a room that hasn't been kept up in months? It's a lot more work than just keeping up with a regular maintenance schedule. Regular bathroom cleaning not only ensures that at no point are customers/employees having to use a dirty bathroom, but it's also more cost efficient because it requires less effort to keep the bathroom clean.

Remove Moisture

Mildew doesn't just make a bathroom look dirty, it can actually be hazardous to health. The best way to prevent mildew growth, on top of regular cleanings, is by removing the moisture in the air that it needs to grow. You can do this one of a couple ways. You can circulate air through your air conditioner, set up a dehumidifier in the bathroom, or both to maximize mildew prevention. 

Unclog Plumbing

If your business has a company shower, whether for a gym or other reasons, chances are that over time it gets clogged with all kinds of residues. Rather than spend money on expensive brand cleaners, a bag filled with vinegar tied around a faucet with a rubber band works just as well. Leave overnight and have maintenance remove in the morning to get rid of any faucet clogs that might otherwise stop your business in its tracks.

Hopefully these tips help you maintain your company bathroom. If you're looking for restroom stall dividers or restroom accessories, trust the quality at Restroom Stalls and All. Give us a call if you have any questions about our products, one of our friendly representatives will be happy to speak with you.