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Where would be be without modern division 10 materials? Well, life would be significantly difficult, that’s for sure! But for many, division 10 specialties are a mystery. What is division 10 specialties? Why are they important for businesses, public areas, and schools?

What is Division 10?

Division 10 Specialties: Division 10 Specialties refer to specialty items found in commercial buildings. In general, this includes toilet partitions, restroom accessories, wall and corner protection, signage, display boards, life safety fire protection supplies, and so on. All of these products are a necessary part to every business.

It is required by federal law that businesses provide their workers with ADA compliant restrooms. Though state and local laws may vary in terms of requirements for restaurants and other businesses to have bathrooms, most public areas are mandated to require one. This means that every business, restaurant, or school that you walk into will typically have some sort of restroom.

But why is this bit of information important? Well, restrooms are necessary features for all places — as all humans have to use them. In fact, the average human being has to use the bathroom approximately six to seven times a day. With this bit of information, this just further exemplifies how vital restrooms are to any business or public area.

Restrooms are used for both commercial and private uses, which means that contractors can either purchase restroom division 10 specialties for private homes or for commercial buildings. Of course, the two are wildly different, as commercial restrooms require sanitary dispensers, partitions, and handrails for stability and handicap accessibility.

At Restroom Stalls and All, we provide division 10 contractors with one large online store to purchase all of their needed division 10 items. On our online store, there are endless amounts of bathroom products perfect for your residential or commercial restrooms. On our site, you will be able to browse dozens of high-quality products that are sure to enhance user experience. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to gain top-notch bathroom hardware and accessories for a price you will appreciate.



Wall Protections and Coverings

At Restroom Stalls and All, you will find wall protections and coverings under our list of available products. Wall protectors and coverings fall under the category of division 10 specialities and are required for restrooms, as well as public gyms. Why? What is the purpose of a wall covering or protector? If you have ever been in a bathroom (which we are confident you have) you will notice that the walls are typically covered in a type of plastic overlay. This overlay is necessary to keep the walls well protected from moisture and other particles that might be in the air. The best example of this would be in a public gym. Gyms typically have plenty of people sweating and breathing inside them. Well, all of that added moisture can hang in the air and do damage to nearby wood and plaster. To keep up the integrity of the walls, protectors are put up to shield them from moisture, as well as fecal matter.





Cubicle Curtains

Cubicle curtains provide privacy and are used primarily in hospitals and clinics throughout the healthcare industry. Cubicle curtain are also utilized in schools, nursing homes and any other settings that require individual privacy. These curtains come in a wide variety of track-mounted materials and styles, allowing for flexibility to be used in any pattern and style used.

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Crash Rails

Crash rails and bumper guards are designed to protect walls from damage. Objects, such as carts, gurneys, and any other passing item can easily come into contact with a wall and scratch, mark, or dent the surface. In order to preserve the quality of your facility or business, crash rails help protect your walls from damage. Crash rails are a necessary precaution to keep things like wheeled gurneys and wheelchairs from crashing against the walls when transported through hallways. You are likely to see items like crash rails in places like hospitals,rehabilitation centers, and public gyms. At Restroom Stalls and All, our crash rails come in a wide variety of materials and styles. Because of this, our crash rails can be used along with any décor aesthetic, while providing maximum protection for your walls.



Restroom Stalls and All supplies and installs all forms of handrails used in medical facilities, hospitality buildings, as well as school settings. In addition, our handrails are commonly used in healthcare facilities to provide support for patients. Aside from standard handrails, we also provide behavioral health handrails, which are ligature resistant to promote safety. Bariatric handrails are designed to provide superior support when leaned or pulled on. These can be especially useful in places where a patient needs extra body support to function. Handrails can aid in any facility manager’s desire to ease movement, while maintaining a cohesive design.


Lockers won’t typically appear in public restrooms, but they will in almost every gym in America. If you need high-quality lockers, Restroom Stalls and All has you covered! Though lockers aren’t necessarily a bathroom accessory or product, they are still classified under the division 10 specialties category. Restroom Stalls and All provides a range of lockers for a number of various storage requirements. These lockers can be used in any setting from any school or athletic locker room to industrial settings for worker storage solutions, such as worker changing rooms in industrial plants. Lockers can also be a valuable item in hospital or clinical settings, as most safe members can benefit from a safe place to store their items. Some of our locker materials and designs include:

  • HDPE Lockers
  • Solid Plastic
  • Phenolic Lockers
  • Metal Lockers
  • All-Welded Lockers

Washroom Accessories

Washroom accessories are very diverse, as there are many different items that relate to a washroom experience. For instance, have you ever noticed how many dispensers there are in a bathroom? Perhaps you have never noticed, but there are plenty of dispensers in each bathroom to make the experience pleasant for users. Division 10 contractors are well aware of how important washroom accessories are to users. Also, not to mention, without some of these items, your time in the restroom would be extremely difficult, as well as unsanitary.

Hand Soap Dispensers: 

In business, especially in the food industry, it is mandatory that employees wash their hands once they have finished using the restroom. Because of this, washrooms need soap dispensers for not only customers, but the employees as well. Restroom Stalls and All has all the washroom accessories you need to full stock your commercial restroom. From hand towel dispensers to toilet paper dispensers, we have it all!  

Hand Towel Dispensers:

 Just as employees need to wash their hands, they will need something to dry of their hands as well. Hand towel dispensers are a common way that most restroom users will dry off their hands. At Restroom Stall and All, you will be able to find hand towel dispensers that work well and provide easy accessibility to all users.

Product Dispensers:

Product dispensers can range from a number of different bathroom hardware options. For instance, all bathroom must have waste disposals in each of the stalls. These disposals are ideal for discarding feminine products and other waste items. Not only will having these disposals help users get rid of their unwanted items, but it will also keep customers from using your toilets as their personal trash can. As you may already know, you aren’t supposed to throw trash into a toilet. The pipes of bathrooms are delicate, and any non-fecal materials should not enter the plumbing networks for any reason. If they do, the toilet could clog and the plumbing could be damaged.

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