Partition Installation in Florida

If you own or operate a commercial business, municipal building or any other type of public facility in the state of Florida, rely on the team at Restroom Stalls and All for a wide selection of bathroom dividers and related items. Our customers count on us for Division 10 and restroom partitions, dividers, stalls and accessories. Our vast selection guarantees you will find exactly what you are looking for.

We offer shipping and installation services throughout Florida so call us today and let us help you complete your project!

Types of Bathroom Stall Dividers

Here at Restroom Stalls and All, we carry six kinds of bathroom partitions in order to best serve our customers’ varying needs. Each is made of a different material and comes in a selection of colors.

Whether you’re buying restroom stalls for an exclusive nightclub or a highway rest stop, we have something you’ll like. We carry toilet stalls in stainless steel, solid plastic, powder-coated steel, plastic laminate, phenolic black and phenolic color.

These different materials come at varying price points and offer different benefits. For example, if you operate a gym, spa or pool, you will likely want to select a water-resistant option. In fact, if your building is exposed to lots of moisture or humidity on a regular basis from any source, this is probably the best choice for you.

We also offer a bacteria-resistant option. This is an excellent choice for medical facilities, schools, health clubs and any location that has to keep an eagle eye out for germs.

When we talk to our customers looking for school bathroom stalls, we recommend a durable option that can withstand heavy use and slamming of doors. You can also opt for a black finish as well, which keeps school bathroom stalls looking nicer longer because you can’t see graffiti on the walls.

Restroom Partition Accessories

We are called Restroom Stalls and All because we offer not only toilet partitions, but all the related accessories as well, including hooks, hardware and shelves as well as paper towel and toilet paper holders and many other items.

For medical facilities, we supply grab bars, cubicle curtains, shower seats and cabinets for portable urinals and bedpans. We also sell a selection of baby-changing stations for airports, movie theaters, restaurants and any building that families frequently visit.

Installation Choices

Did you know that you can choose commercial bathroom stalls that are either ceiling- or floor-mounted? Ceiling-mounted bathroom dividers make it easier to sweep and mop the floors, so that means your restrooms stay cleaner longer. Floor-mounted dividers are sturdier, however. So if you’re shopping for a school, community center or another building that gets heavy use, this is probably a better choice.

Our customer service reps are on duty during regular business hours to help you choose the right commercial bathroom partitions for you. We’ll ask you about usage, the population segment you serve and other important questions that help us determine which material would work best for your situation. We don’t want you to spend more money than you need to, but we also want your restroom stalls to last.

The Best Toilet Stalls for Florida

When you’re shopping for commercial restroom stalls in Florida, you’ll love our selection and the friendly, knowledgeable staff at Restroom Stalls and All. We also offer free shipping on all our bathroom dividers and accessories. Contact us today for more information.