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Toilet Partitions, Phenolic Black Core

Phenolic Black Core

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Toilet Partitions, Phenolic Black Core, Call or Email Your Specifications / Drawings For a Quick & Accurate Quote

Phenolic Black Core Toilet Partitions

Are you in the market for commercial restroom partitions? You have plenty of material options to choose from. One quality option that we carry here at Restroom Stalls & All is phenolic black core.

About Phenolic Partitions

Phenolic toilet partitions are known for their strength, durability, and versatility. These toilet partitions contain stainless steel brackets, stainless steel fasteners, and can withstand up to 1500 lbs of force. Phenolic is a material designed to measure up, standing the test of time. This material is water resistant, as well as resistant to many types of bacteria. Phenolic black core partitions are one of the easier materials to clean, and are among most popular designs we offer today. This specific design is offered in 18 different colors from Restroom Stalls and All, and has a wide range of styles to accommodate the design of your restroom. With ceiling or floor mounting options, you can change both the look and utility of these stalls.

Make Sure You Consider All Material Options Before Opting Into A Purchase. If You Need Any Help Or Information, One Of Our Friendly Representatives Will Be Happy To Answer Any Questions You Have. Call Today!

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