Restroom Stalls and Accessories for Orlando Businesses

Do you own or operate a commercial building, municipal facility or other public space in Orlando? Come to Restroom Stalls and All when you’re shopping for bathroom partitions or Division 10 products. We stock a full selection of toilet dividers, partitions, stalls and accessories. You can choose from among a variety of materials and colors to suit the needs of your business or organization.


Types of Bathroom Partitions

Whether you’re shopping for toilet partitions for a busy theme park or a sleepy roadside café, we have just what you’re looking for. We offer sleek, top-of-the line options for high-end establishments and more budget-friendly choices for small businesses.

You can choose from among six options for toilet stalls: stainless steel, powder-coated steel, phenolic black, phenolic color, solid plastic and plastic laminate. Each of these materials delivers different benefits and comes at a different price point.

For those in the market for restroom partitions for pools, spas or gyms, we recommend a water-resistant variety that can withstand long exposures to moisture and high humidity. For medical facilities, health clubs and other buildings where germs are particularly problematic, we sell bacteria-resistant bathroom dividers.

When our customers are shopping for school bathroom stalls, we direct them toward our heavy-duty options that can withstand high usage and even frequent slamming of doors. We sell these in various colors, but our customers in education tend to prefer black because it doesn’t show graffiti.

We serve many industries, including health care, hospitality, education, entertainment and government, and we help buyers in each of these segments find the right restroom stalls for them.

Toilet Stall Accessories

We’re called Restroom Stalls and All because we sell more than just commercial bathroom stalls — we also sell all the important accessories that go with them, such as paper towel holders, hand dryers, soap dispensers and more. We’re your one-stop shop for commercial restroom supplies.

For health care centers, we also sell grab bars, shower seats, cubicle curtains and cabinets for portable urinals and bedpans. For businesses and facilities that cater to families, such as theme parks, restaurants and entertainment venues, we sell a selection of baby-changing stations.

Restroom Partition Installation Choices

When you’re shopping for bathroom stall dividers, keep in mind you have the option of choosing ceiling-mounted or floor-mounted varieties. Ceiling-mounted commercial bathroom partitions are popular because it makes cleaning the floors so much easier. But this type of installation is not quite as sturdy as floor-mounted, so we recommend floor-mounted for schools and other high-use industries.

If you’re not sure which option would be better for you, give us a call. Our friendly, helpful team is always happy to assist you with your bathroom divider selection.

The Best Commercial Bathroom Stalls for Orlando

When you’re shopping for commercial toilet stalls in Orlando, count on the reliable team at Restroom Stalls and All. We have many years of experience in the business, and you can rest assured we’ll direct you to the bathroom partitions that work best for you. Contact us today.