Restroom Stalls and Accessories for Tallahassee Businesses

For a great selection of bathroom partitions for municipal facilities, commercial establishments and any public building, shop Restroom Stalls and All, Tallahassee’s preferred source for toilet dividers. We supply partitions, dividers, stalls and accessories to owners and operators of buildings in Tallahassee and throughout Florida. We stock dividers in a variety of materials and colors to best meet our customers’ needs.


Types of Toilet Stall Dividers

When it comes to toilet partitions, we give you options. Whether you’re shopping for an exclusive golf club or the local pancake house, we have just what you’re looking for.

We stock toilet stalls in six different materials: solid plastic, plastic laminate, phenolic black and phenolic color, stainless steel and powder-coated steel. Each also comes in varying colors and finishes so you can achieve the look you have in mind.

Each material is suited to certain uses and conditions. For instance, if you operate a gym, pool or spa, you’ll want to go with a water-resistant option that stands up to constant exposure to moisture and humidity.

For medical facilities, health clubs and other places where fighting germs is an issue, choose bacteria-resistant restroom partitions.

We direct those shopping for school bathroom stalls to our most durable options that can stand up to heavy use and frequent slamming of doors. We also recommend a matte black finish that won’t show graffiti.

We serve many industries, including hospitality, health care, education, recreation, municipal and more. Our team works to match your needs with the restroom stalls that will work best for you.

Restroom Partition Accessories

We’re Restroom Stalls and All because we not only provide commercial bathroom stalls, but also all the related accessories such as mirrors, paper towel dispensers, hand dryers and more.

For those in the health care industry, we stock grab bars, cubicle curtains, shower seats and cabinets for portable urinals and bedpans. If you are shopping for an airport, restaurant, mall or other building that serves families, check out our selection of easy-to-clean baby-changing stations.

Restroom Stall Installation Choices

When you’re browsing bathroom stall dividers, remember you have a choice between ceiling-mounted and floor-mounted. If you go with ceiling-mounted, your cleaning crew will have an easier time sweeping and mopping the floors, and it will go faster. Your restroom will stay cleaner for longer.

But this type of installation is slightly less durable than the floor-mounted variety. So if you’re shopping for a school or another heavy-use industry, we recommend floor-mounted bathroom dividers.

If you’re not sure which would work best for your building, give us a call. We’re the experts in commercial bathroom partitions and we’re here to help.

The Best Bathroom Dividers for Tallahassee

To find out more about our bathroom partitions, browse our website or contact us. Our friendly, knowledgeable customer service reps are always on hand to talk through your options with you. Whatever type of building in Tallahassee you’re shopping for, we’ve got the commercial bathroom partitions you want. Contact us today.