Restroom Stalls and Accessories for Tampa Businesses

Shopping for bathroom partitions in Tampa? Choose Florida’s preferred supplier of toilet dividers: Restroom Stalls and All. We sell dividers, partitions, stalls and accessories to commercial businesses, municipal facilities and public buildings of all kinds in Tampa and throughout Florida. We stock a variety of materials and colors to satisfy every customer.


Types of Restroom Partitions

Whether you’re shopping for a football stadium or tony boutique, we have the perfect toilet partitions for you. We stock dividers in six different materials: phenolic black, phenolic color, solid plastic, plastic laminate, stainless steel and powder-coated steel. Each of these options provides different benefits and comes at a different price point.

For example, if you are shopping on behalf of a pool, spa or gym, we recommend water-resistant toilet stalls that will stand up to constant exposure to moisture and humidity. For medical facilities, health clubs and other places germs can be a major issue, we suggest bacteria-resistant restroom partitions.

When our customers are interested in school bathroom stalls, we tell them about our most durable option that can withstand heavy usage (and even some misusage). We offer color choices for our school bathroom stalls, but many customers choose black because it doesn’t show graffiti.

We serve many industries, including health care, municipal, hospitality, education and more, and we work hard to match our customers to the right products for them.

Bathroom Stall Accessories

We are named Restroom Stalls and All because we not only provide an amazing selection of commercial bathroom stalls, but we also provide all the accessories that go with them. That includes mirrors, shelves, paper towel and toilet paper dispensers, and so much more.

For the medical facility industry, we sell shower seats, cubicle curtains, grab bars and cabinets for portable urinals and bedpans. For those that serve families with babies such as theme parks, airports, restaurants and others, we stock a selection of baby-changing stations.

Restroom Partition Installation Options

When you’re choosing bathroom stall dividers, you must decide whether you want ceiling-mounted or floor-mounted. If you go with ceiling mounted, it will be easier to sweep and mop the floors because you won’t have anything in the way, and your restrooms will stay cleaner longer. However, the floor-mounted option is sturdier, so we recommend this for venues with heavy use.

If you are ever unsure of what type of bathroom dividers you want, need help or just have questions, don’t hesitate to call. Our friendly, knowledgeable team is happy to help.

The Best Commercial Bathroom Stalls for Tampa

When you’re shopping for restroom stalls in Tampa, make your first and last stop Restroom Stalls and All. Our selection of commercial bathroom partitions is perfect for businesses, organizations and municipalities throughout Florida. Contact us today for more information.