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Toilet Partitions Available For Purchase

Bathroom accessories and equipment are topics that, when brought up, can make people tight-lipped. But why does this happen? Restroom materials are necessary for every restroom and must be present to offer users a comfortable, clean, and safe experience. At Restroom Stall and All, we believe that your commercial restroom is an essential piece of your business and must be coordinated properly. A business that does not maintain a quality restroom is often a bad sign. The more attention to detail you place to your bathroom, the more comfortable your customers will be. No matter how much your business emphasizes the importance of your commercial bathroom, there are some items that are legally mandated. For instance, you are legally required to install bathroom partitions in your bathroom if there is more than one toilet. Other essential items include, toilet paper dispensers, hand railings, and hand soap dispensers. Here, at Restroom Stalls and All, we can offer all of your essential items in one place.




Buy All of Your Needed Items in One Place

At Restroom Stalls and All, you can gain access to all the essential items you need to make your commercial restroom whole. As stated, toilet partitions are essential to your bathroom, especially if you have multiple toilets. Partitions provide an added feature of privacy for users and gives them a quiet space to “do their business.” Bathroom partitions are not only necessary to the quality of your bathroom, but to its aesthetic. There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to the material of your restroom partitions. At Restroom Stall and All, we have six different types of restroom partitions, all ranging in different colors, materials, and textures. With our selections, you can ensure that your bathroom partitions follow the aesthetic of your commercial restroom. The selection of our partitions are as follows:

  • Powder Coated Steel
  • Plastic Laminate
  • Solid Plastic
  • Phenolic Black Core
  • Phenolic Color Thru
  • Stainless Steel

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Toilet Partitions in The Carolinas

If you are a commercial business in South Carolina, you are in luck! Restroom Stalls and All offers our clients one place to purchase all of their necessary bathroom accessories. From restroom partitions to dispensers, we have it all! Contact us today to learn more about our products.